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calories burned playing pickleball

Is Pickleball Good Exercise? Get Pickleball Fit!

Pickleball is a combination of ping-pong, wiffle ball, and badminton. Sounds like a bundle of fun, right? There’s no dispute that pickleball is a fun activity, but it’s also [...]
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how to keep the ball low in pickleball

How to Keep the Ball Low in Pickleball!

One of the most frequently asked questions by pickleball beginners is: how do I keep the ball low? The reason you want to keep the ball low is because [...]
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graphite vs composite pickleball paddles

Graphite vs Composite Pickleball Paddles: Which Is Best?

You can’t play pickleball without a pickleball paddle. However, not all paddles are created equal. Paddles can have a large impact on your body and your style of playing, [...]
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